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Organize team alignment meetings and bring members on the same page, resolve conflicts and build a productive culture, fast.

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Why are we doing what we are doing in the first place?


What do we stand for? What are our guiding principles? What are our common values that we want to be at the core of our team?

People & Roles

What are our names and the roles we have in the team? What are we called as a team?

Common goals

What do we, as a group, really want to achieve? What is our key goal that is feasible, measurable and time-bound?

Personal goals

What are our individual personal goals? Are there personal agendas that we want to open up?

Needs & Expectations

What does each one of us need to be successful? What are our personal needs towards the team to be at our best?

Rules & Activities

What are the rules we want to introduce after doing this session? How do we communicate and keep everyone up to date? How to we make decisions? How do we execute and evaluate what we do?

Strengths & Assets

What are the skills we have in the team that will help us achieve our goals? What are the interpersonal/soft skills that we have? What are we good at, individually and as a team?

Weaknesses & Risks

What are the weaknesses we have, individually and as a team? What should our teammates know about us? What are some obstacles we see ahead that we are likely to face?