Value Proposition Canvas

Really understand your customers, including their jobs-to-be-done, pains, and gains, as well as your offer to them.

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What task can the customer complete with our product?

  • Which functions is our customer trying to perform? (for example, execute specific problem, solve a specific issue, etc.)
  • What social goals does is our customer trying to accomplish?
  • What are our client’s emotional goals?
  • Which jobs make them feel satisfied?
  • How do our customers want to be perceived by others? What can they do to achieve this?
  • How do our customer want to feel? What does he/she need to do to get this?
  • Track the interaction of the customer with your product throughout the cycle of consumption. What work should the customer do during this time?

Which problems does the customer eliminate when using our product?

  • What does our customer find too costly? (Something that requires a lot of time, costs too much money, it takes a lot of efforts, etc.)
  • What makes him/her feel bad?
  • What are the current solutions that do not suit our customers?
  • What are the main challenges and problems our customer faces? (A lack of understanding of how things work, the difficulties with implementation, etc.)
  • What negative social consequences does the customer face or fear to face? (Loss of reputation, credibility, trust, social status, and so on).
  • What risks does our customer fear? (financial, social, technical, etc.)

What benefits does the customer get when using your product?

  • What makes our customer happy? (Time, money, efforts, etc.)
  • What results does our customer expect, and what can surpass these expectations?
  • What would simplify the work or life of our customer? (More services, lower cost, new features, etc.)
  • What positive social consequences does our customer want to get?
  • What are they looking for? (A smart design, guarantees, specific features, etc.)
Products & services

List all the features, products and services we provide. Focus on how the features and products will help customers get their job done.

Pain relievers

How our product will ease the customers’ pain.

  • Does our product/service provide savings? (regarding time, money, efforts, etc.)
  • Does it improve the emotional state of our customer? (decrease grief, irritation, things that bring a headache).
  • Does it fix the defects of existing solutions?
  • Does it remove the difficulties or problems that our customer faces?
  • Does our product/service exclude the negative social consequences that are encountered or which concern our customers?
  • Does it reduce the risks that our clients are afraid of?
  • Does it help our customers sleep better at night?
  • Does it limit or eradicate common mistakes that customers allow?
  • Does it eliminate barriers that keep our customers from implementing the specific solution?
Gain creators

How does our product add value to customers and help them achieve their goals?

  • Does our product provide savings that make our client happy?
  • Does it ensure the results that the customer expects?
  • Does it simplify the work or life of the customer?
  • Does it give something that our customer wants to get?
  • Does our product/service reflect some of the dreams of our customer?
  • Does it give positive results that meet the criteria for success and failure of the customer?