Health check

New hire

Evaluate to which extent we consider a new hire to have been successful.

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Cultural fit
  • Does the hire properly understand our culture and our values?
  • Do they conduct themselves in a manner which aligns with our culture and values?
Collaboration and communication
  • Is it easy to collaborate and communicate with the new hire?
  • Are they considerate of the different preferences and quirks of those around them?
Social contribution
  • Is the new hire a positive addition to the social climate and psychological safety within team?
  • Is the new hire open for feedback?
  • Do they actually act on the feedback that they receive?
Emotional intelligence
  • Does the new hire understand their own feelings and the feelings of others?
  • Are they able to respond to their own feelings in a constructive manner?
  • Does the new hire appear motivated to execute on their roles and responsibilites?
  • Is the new hire able to control themselves and their behaviour in stressful situations?
Technical abilities
  • Does the new hire sufficently master the technical skills required to do a good job?
High quality deliveries
  • Does the new hire produce high quality output in compliance with specs and policies?