Health check

Values actualization

Ensure that we are actually using and gaining value from our values. Inspired by Tony Gambill.

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Ensure that people are intimately familiar with our values and can connect them to desirable and undesirable attitudes and behaviours.


Ensure that our values are defined and understood the same way by everyone.


Ensure that people who embody our values are highlighted and celebrated.


Ensure that we select, promote, reward, and hold accountable our leaders to live the values in their conduct and decision-making.


Ensure that our values are embedded into how we work.

Are our values demonstrated in:

  • Recruiting?
  • Performance Management?
  • Onboarding & Layoffs?
  • Employee and Leadership Development?
  • Talent Acquisition?
  • Rewards and Recognition?
  • Promotion Process?

Are our values as important as performance? Will we ask great performers who do not live by our values to leave?


Do we continuously monitor and assess how our collective behaviors and decision-making align with our values?