Health check

Organizational focus

Ensure that the organization selects and remains focused on the right stuff.

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Perspectives evaluted in this health check:


Ensure that our initiatives are aligned the a holistic understanding of our organizational health and well-functioning.

Do our current priorities reflect the areas of the organization that require attention the most?



Ensure clarity and alignment in what we're working towards.

  • Which teams are focused on which objectives, and how do the objectives tie together?
  • Are there any team working on orphaned objectives (objectives without a parent objective, or a parent objective no longer in focus)?


Ensure that we align, design and focus our work towards our main objectives.

  • Which teams are focused on which initiatives, and to which extent can those initiatives be justified by an objective?
  • Are there any team working on orphaned initiatives (initiatives that can not be justified by an objective, or an initiative that is no longer considered relevant)?


Ensure that we deliver important expectations on time.

Risk management


Ensure that we identify and mitigate relevant risks.


Ensure that we are systematically working towards reducing uncertainty in the market.