Health check

Networking group

Determine the fit, quality and relevance of a networking group.

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Group fit

Relevant members

Are the people who attend the group relevant to me, and my personal or professional aspirations?

Common interests

Do I share common interests with the participants within the group?

Common aspirations & ambitions

Do the members have the same level of aspirations and ambitions?

Common outcome expectations

Are people within the networking group looking for the same types of outcomes?


Do I have chemistry and rapport with the people who participate in the group?

Relationship forming

Is the group effective at forging meaningful and well-functioning relationships?

Market opportunity

Business development

Does the network enable us to gain a clearer, more visible and stronger position within the market?

Market insight

Does the networking group offer me new insights into my market, what they care about and which alternatives they are using?


Does the networking group help me drum up new business?


Does the network allow us to connect with people looking to resell our bundle our solutions?

Personal opportunity

Self development

Does the network provide med with the ability to become a better version of myself?


Does the network group provide me with new knowledge and insights relevant for me and my situation?

Career opportunities

Does the networking group provide me with relevant, high-quality career opportunities that I would otherwise not be privy to?

Self promotion

Does the network offer an opportunity to promote myself and my strengths?

Professional opportunity

Industry association

Does the networking group help us associate, remain knowledgable and feel a sense of belonging to our industry?

Domain knowledge

Does the network allow me to hone and further develop my domain knowledge?

Professional sparring

Does the networking group allow me to practice and hone my craft?

Relationship opportunity

Industry relationships

Does the network connect me with relevant people in the industry who are competitors or could complement me?

Personal relationships

Does the networking group consist of people with whom I would like to build a personal relationship?

Partners & collaborators

Does the network connect me with people I might want to  partner with, collaborate with or hire?

Network expansion

Does the network help us expand our personal and professional networks?

Support opportunity


Does the network afford me the option of helping others?


Does the network afford me the option of receive input from others with the things that I struggle with?

Social needs

Does the networking group contribute positively to my social needs?

Situational overlap

Does the networking group connect me with other people who are or have been in a similiar situation with which I can exchange experiences and challenges?