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Organizational development focus

Determine, at a birds eye view, if we are focusing our organizational development efforts within the areas that are in most dire need of attention.

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Leadership delegation

Ensure clarity and alignment into who is expected to lead and what are they responsible for managing.

Leadership assessment

Ensure. that we have insights into how well our leaders understand and practice great leadership, and where the growth potential resides within each individual leader.

Leadership development

Ensure that we proactively manage the skills and behavioural gaps of our leaders so that the organization's ability to practice great leadership systematically improves each week.


Organizational delegation

Ensure clarity into the dimensions of responsibility within the organization, and which teams take care of what.

Organizational assessment

Ensure an overview of the dimensions each team needs to ensure the health of, and insight into health of the different health indicators of each dimension.

Organizational design

Ensure a proactive approach to identifying, prioritizing, delegating and operationalizating the structural gaps within the organization.


Role delegation

Ensure clarity and alignment into which roles people are expected to hold and what is expected of those roles.

Role assessment

Ensure that we people's level of role, goal and organizational clarity, and where they need support in order to become more successful.

Role development

Ensure that we have a transparent and systematic approach to the development of individual potential and ambitions.