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Bedre forstå hva hvilke typer sanselighet en person setter pris på, oppsøker og higer etter i eget liv.

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Sense of happiness

The experience of joy, contentment, or well-being that brings positive emotions and a general sense of satisfaction with life.


Sense of ability

Experiencing confidence, competence, and a belief in one's own skills, talents, and capabilities, leading to a sense of self-assurance and effectiveness.

Sense of mastery

Feeling competent, skilled, or in control of a particular task or domain, often resulting from continuous learning and improvement.

Sense of empowerment

Experiencing a sense of personal agency, confidence, and the ability to make a positive impact on oneself and others.

Sense of autonomy

Valuing and experiencing independence, self-determination, and the freedom to make choices and decisions that align with personal values and desires.


Sense of being loved

Experiencing a deep sense of affection, care, and emotional connection from others, resulting in feelings of warmth, acceptance, and being valued.

Sense of recognition

Experiencing acknowledgment, praise, or validation for one's efforts, skills, or contributions, leading to a sense of being seen and valued by others.

Sense of appreciation

Feeling gratitude and admiration for the positive qualities, actions, or experiences in one's life, as well as expressing gratitude towards others.

Sense of approval

Experiencing a positive evaluation or acceptance of oneself, one's actions, or one's choices, leading to a sense of validation and self-worth.

Sense of belonging

Experiencing a sense of fitting in, acceptance, and inclusion within a social group or community, leading to feelings of connection and identity.

Sense of resonance

Experiencing a deep sense of connection, alignment, or resonance with one's ideas, beliefs, values, or experiences, leading to a sense of harmony and authenticity.


Sense of duty

Experiencing a strong sense of responsibility, obligation, and commitment towards fulfilling one's moral or societal duties, leading to a sense of purpose and integrity.

Sense of justice

Valuing fairness, equality, and moral principles, and experiencing satisfaction when witnessing or participating in acts of justice or fairness.

Sense of righteousness

Experiencing a strong conviction of moral correctness, adhering to ethical principles, and pursuing justice or what is perceived as right and just.

Indre harmoni

Sense of bliss

Experiencing profound and overwhelming happiness, joy, or contentment. It is a state of pure pleasure and satisfaction that transcends everyday happiness.

Sense of balance

Experiencing a state of equilibrium, harmony, or stability in various aspects of life, such as work-life balance or emotional well-being.

Sense of serenity

Experiencing a state of calmness, tranquility, and inner peace, often in soothing or natural environments.

Sense of zen

A state of calm, inner peace, or serenity achieved through mindfulness, meditation, or a focus on the present moment.

Sense of beauty

Appreciating and being moved by aesthetic experiences, such as art, music, nature, or any form of visually or audibly pleasing stimuli.

Sense of relief

Experiencing a release from stress, tension, or a burden, resulting in a feeling of relaxation or ease.

Sense of clarity

Experiencing a state of mental clarity, clear thinking, or understanding, often accompanied by a sense of focus, coherence, or insight.

Sense of calmness

Experiencing a state of tranquility, relaxation, and inner peace, often accompanied by a reduction in stress or anxiety.


Sense of purpose

Experiencing a clear understanding of one's overall mission, goals, and the meaning behind one's actions, leading to a sense of direction and fulfillment.

Sense of direction

Having a sense of orientation and guidance in life, knowing one's path or trajectory, and having a general sense of where one is headed.

Sense of position

Experiencing a sense of one's place or role within a larger context, whether it's in personal relationships, social dynamics, or professional settings.


Sense of energy

Feeling invigorated, motivated, or having a high level of vitality and enthusiasm.

Sense of drive

Experiencing a strong inner motivation, determination, and ambition to pursue goals and achieve desired outcomes, leading to a sense of purposeful action and focus.

Sense of inspiration

Being motivated, stimulated, or moved by ideas, creativity, or role models, leading to a sense of excitement, aspiration, or drive.

Sense of passion

Experiencing intense enthusiasm, interest, and a strong emotional connection towards a particular pursuit, leading to a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


Sense of success

Feeling accomplished, achieving desired goals, or experiencing a sense of triumph or recognition for one's efforts.

Sense of achievement

Experiencing a sense of pride, satisfaction, or fulfillment upon reaching a goal or milestone.

Sense of challenge

Embracing difficult tasks, obstacles, or goals, and deriving satisfaction from overcoming them, pushing personal limits, and experiencing a sense of accomplishment.


Sense of love

Experiencing deep affection, care, and emotional connection towards oneself and others, leading to feelings of warmth, compassion, and belonging.

Sense of connection

Feeling a deep sense of belonging, intimacy, or understanding with others, whether it's in personal relationships, shared interests, or a sense of community.

Sense of unity

Experiencing a deep sense of connection, harmony, and oneness with others, nature, or the universe, leading to a sense of interconnectedness and shared humanity.

Sense of trust

Feeling secure, safe, and having confidence in oneself, others, or the world around them.

Sense of humor

Finding joy, amusement, and laughter in the funny or absurd aspects of life, through jokes, wit, comedy, or shared moments of lightheartedness.

Sense of compassion

Feeling empathy, kindness, and care towards others, and finding fulfillment in acts of altruism, helping, or making a positive difference in someone else's life.

Sense of humility

Recognizing and acknowledging one's limitations, imperfections, and the value of others, leading to a modest and humble attitude.


Sense of control

Having a perception of influence or autonomy over one's actions, decisions, or circumstances.

Sense of overview

Having a comprehensive or holistic understanding of a situation, topic, or complex system, allowing for a sense of perspective, organization, or grasp of the big picture.

Sense of freedom

Experiencing a state of independence, choice, or liberation from constraints or limitations.


Sense of authenticity

Valuing and experiencing the genuine expression of oneself, embracing individuality, and aligning actions with personal values and beliefs.

Sense of self-acceptance

Embracing and appreciating oneself, including both strengths and weaknesses, without harsh self-judgment or excessive self-criticism.

Sense of self-transcendence

Experiencing a state of being that goes beyond ordinary limits or understanding, often associated with spiritual or mystical experiences, meditation, or deep contemplation.

Sense of spirituality

Having a connection to the transcendent, seeking meaning and purpose beyond the material realm, and engaging in practices or beliefs that nurture the spiritual aspect of life.


Sense of self

Having a deep understanding and awareness of one's own identity, values, beliefs, and personal characteristics, leading to a cohesive and authentic sense of self.

Sense of curiosity

Having a natural inclination and desire to seek knowledge, explore new ideas, and engage in intellectual or creative pursuits.

Sense of meaning

Finding purpose, significance, or a sense of fulfillment in life and experiences.

Sense of growth

Experiencing personal development, learning, and progress, whether it's acquiring new skills, gaining knowledge, or evolving as a person.


Sense of awe

Feeling a profound sense of wonder, reverence, or amazement in response to something extraordinary or awe-inspiring, such as a natural wonder or a remarkable achievement.

Sense of serendipity

Appreciating unexpected, fortuitous, or delightful occurrences or discoveries that bring a sense of pleasant surprise or wonder.

Sense of adventure

Seeking and embracing new, exciting, and challenging experiences that stimulate curiosity, exploration, and a sense of adrenaline.

Sense of sensory activation

Experiencing a heightened or pleasurable sensory stimulation that engages and arouses the senses, such as through music, art, or engaging environments.

Sense of wonder

Cultivating a mindset of curiosity, awe, and fascination towards the mysteries and beauty of the world.

Sense of novelty

Appreciating and seeking out new, unique, or unfamiliar experiences that bring a sense of freshness, curiosity, and exploration.


Sense of contribution

Experiencing a sense of purpose and fulfillment by making meaningful contributions, whether it's to a cause, community, or the well-being of others.

Sense of creativity

Experiencing a strong inclination and capacity for imagination, originality, and the ability to generate novel ideas or expressions, leading to a sense of innovation and artistic fulfillment.

Sense of creation

Experiencing the process of bringing something new or unique into existence, whether it's through artistic expression, innovation, or personal projects.

Sense of impact

Feeling that one's actions, contributions, or presence make a meaningful difference or have an influence on others or the world.


Sense of gratitude

Experiencing and expressing appreciation for the positive aspects of life, including people, experiences, and blessings.

Sense of safety

Feeling secure, protected, and free from harm or threat, both physically and emotionally.

Sense of nostalgia

Feeling a sentimental longing or affectionate reminiscence for the past, often associated with positive memories or sentimental objects.