Health check

Responsibility/challenge significance

Identify how much a particular person currently cares about addressing or improving something that they are (at least partially) responsible for. Objects of evaluation might be responsibilities, challenges, risks or other types of expectations associated with mastery, behavior and priorities.

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Do you recognize this as something you are responsible for or exposed to?


How important do you consider this area to be for your overall perception of role success?


To which extent are people (emoployees/clients/stakeholders) disgruntled or complaining that this isn't handled sufficiently well.


To which extent is this something that you are currently prioritizing?


How satisifed are you with your ability to achieve successful outcomes within this area?

Financial cost

How satisfied are you with the amount of money you spend to achieve success within this area?

Mental cost

How satisfied are you with the amount of thinking, feeling and overall mental energy you spend to achieve success?

Alignment cost

How satisfied are you with how quickly and effortlessly you align and collaborate with others in solving problems in this area?


How satisfied are you with how much time you spend and how quickly you are making progress in this area?

Strategic alignment

How well does addressing or improving this area align with the overall goals and objectives of the organization?


How do you perceive the risks associated with not addressing or improving this area?


How urgent is it for you to cut costs or make improvement in the way this area is managed?