Health check


Zoom out and take a holistic approach on our product. Improve our awareness of what constitutes a well-functioning product, and to which extent our product is it. Inform where we prioritize our efforts in the upcoming weeks and months.

Copy to your organization

Product owner perception

Feature adoptability

Avoid spending time on building and maintaining features which are not being used.

  • How widely are the different product features adopted?
  • To which extent should be work to increase adoption and/or remove features that people do not find useful?

Generates virtous cycles (builds lock-in)

A virtuous cycle is anything that will make the product more valuable, or its disappearance more painful, the more a user engages with it.

Think of how Spotify gains value for you the more it knows about your taste. Likewise, think of how painful it would be to lose all your contacts, or all the appointments in your calendar, or all the recipes you’ve saved on a cooking app.

The former is an example of products accruing benefits (becoming better the more you use them). The latter are examples of mounting losses (the impact of the product becoming unavailable becoming more painful).

User perception


Ensure that the product is easy to understand and explain (either matches an operator’s pre-existing mental model or teaches a new, comprehensible conceptual model).


Ensure a product is considered:

  • Easy to use
  • Fun to use
  • Beautiful
  • Responsive (fast)