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Organizational success and sustainability

Build a successful, long-lasting organization.

The order of the perspective reflects the incentive structure of the venture capital market, which optimizes for fast and early growth.

Bootstrapped organizations might prefer to push the scalable perspective down to after the financially self-sustained and well-functioning perspectives have been sufficiently addressed, in order to grow with more control and less pain.

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Ensure that we have an idea that tackles a problem enough people sufficiently care about.

Product-market fit

Ensure that we are able to successfully communicate and deliver our offering to a market which are excited about it.


Ensure that the organization can successfully deliver our product at scale.

Financially self-sustained

Ensure that we do not rely on injection of investor capital in order to maintain operations.


Ensure that we are able to create the desired value with as low effort as possible.


Ensure that we do not grow complacent and are taken over by hungry and innovative actors within our problem space.