Onboard someone in a new role

Make sure that someone is sufficiently familiar and comfortable with the expectations of a role they have been assigned.

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Tasks contained in this checklist:

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Initiate role onboarding

Go to your list of roles, select the role in question update the role state to from "Intended onboarding" to "Start onboarding".

Make sure that someone is set as a mentor in order to ensure guidance and momentum in the onboarding.

Indicate your initial familiarity

Go to your list of roles, select the role in question and click the purple "Indicate your familiarity" button in order to be taken through each associated expectation.

For each expectation, familiarize yourself with the expectation and then select the familiarity level that matches your current comfort level.

Make use of the familiarity comment field to indicate what's keeping you from reaching the next level of familiarity for any given expectation.

For those expectations where you require assistance in order to improve your familiarity, check the "Request mentor assistance" checkbox.

For more information about indicating familiarity, please review Indicating familiarity.

Set up/ensure access to systems & equipment

For each relevant system or piece of equipment you want to spend time setting up or ensuring you have access to, create a sub task under this task to help you and others keep track of progress.

Then, step through each task, making sure that you have the required access and desired configuration of each item, and marking them as completed as you go.

Review initial role familiarity

After getting to 100% awareness of expectations with your role, do one more pass through of all expectations, checking to ensure the following:

  1. Do you have a clear understanding of the purpose of the role and what is required to exel in it?
  2. Are the familiarity levels still representative (or have some been improved due to a more holistic understanding of other, related expectations)?
  3. Do you have a clear understanding when and how to comply with an expectation (what the triggers are)?
  4. Do the familiarity notes clearly reflect what is keeping you from reaching the next level of familiarity?
  5. Have you requested mentor assistance for those expectations where you need help improving your famiiarity?
  6. Which expectations are you specifically uncomfortable with, or do you feel you would benefit the most from focusing on improving?

For points 1 - 5, use the familiarity indication (familiarity levels, notes, marking expectations as unclear and requesting assistance) to indicate your point of view.

For point no. 6, add your thoughts to Ensure sufficient role clarity and comfort.

Ensure sufficient role clarity and comfort

Arrange a chat with your role mentor to discuss your familiarity and where you feel less comfortable/require help.

Discuss what needs to be adressed before you feel comfortable practicing the role, i.e:

  • Improving your skills
  • Improving expectation clearity
  • Practicing certain responsibilites in a dry-run environment
  • etc...

Create subtasks under this task representing what needs to be done and assign the tasks to the relevant people.

Conclude role onboarding

Update the role state from "Onboarding" to "Practicing".

Consider whether it's relevant to keep or remove the mentor of the role.