Get started with talent development

Make a person more self-aware and effective in their roles, and better equipped at contributing towards the team's purpose.

Talent development is a set of processes companies use to identify an employee's potential and steer them to growth opportunities, according to their skill and the company's needs. These development opportunities range from formal training programs to mentorship to on-the-job experiences.

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Self-assessment of roles/skills 3

Identify where someone has the their biggest potential for improvement. Some generically relevant assessment contexts for leaders include:


  • Leadership stages (improve your familiarity with the leadership the organization needs at it's current maturity stage)

Soft skills

Hard skills


For more assessment contexts, check out the Wecomplish library.

When deciding where to focus first, ask yourself: What is keeping you from becoming a more effective leader? Is it:

  • A better understanding of my role?
  • Stronger people skills?
  • Stronger professional (leadership and organizational development) skills?
Identify top priority roles/skillsets (aka ambitions)

Based on the potential score and other relevant input, identify the roles/skillsets that are a top priority for the person to improve their familiarity with.

Import prioritized roles/skillsets into the Wecomplish platform

Lay the groundwork for indicating familiarity with relevant roles/skillsets in a private and persistent context.

Indicate familiarity with prioritized roles/skillsets
  • Identify in which areas the person has low familiarity (and why)
  • Identify which responsibilities/skills the person is unclear on
  • Identify which responsibilities/skills the person would like help improving in
Review familiarity with coach

Go through familiarity in order to identify:

  • Areas (categories) of improvement
  • Specific responsibilities/skills which are unclear
  • Specific responsibilities/skills which require assistance
  • Specific responsibilities/skills which might be relevant to focus on