Evaluate the Wecomplish platform

Enable leaders to understand, explore and realize the potential value of the Wecomplish platform in the context of their specific organization.

Copy to your organization

Company introduction and presentation
  • Understand how the organization delivers value, and the challenges it faces in doing so.
  • Present our value proposition and gauge interest and relevance.
  • Implant the "brain virus" that is our core concepts.
  • Postition ourselves as a strategic partner.
Set up a demo of the platform

Establish a fresh installation of the platform in the name of the organization which can be used as the basis for the following workshops to test and demonstrate platform features.

Platform exploration workshops

Familiarize a member of the organization with the platform and features relevant to the organization. Publish relevant information in order to enable management in the organization to more easily understand how the platform can be used to improve work.

The workshops consist of 3 - 5 sessions of aprox. 2 hours each with an interim insight consultant.

Commit to the onboarding process 1

Make a mutual commitment to work together in order to onboard the organization onto the platform.