Start work

Prevent us from starting to solve a problem we do not understand. Prevent pulverization of responsibilities. Ensure that the work we do is aligned with and creates progress towards our top priorities. Provide transparency into and inspire confidence in our work. Lay the foundation for constantly improving how work is done.

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Ensure clarity

Do you have a clearly articulated understanding of what needs to be done (which problem you're trying to solve)? The best way to ensure clarity is to describe the objective/project/task/observation in writing.

Ensure responsibility

Should I be doing this? Is it my responsibility? Who should be doing this and what's keeping them from doing it?

Ensure priority 1

Is the work you would like to start on a priority right now? Why? How does it relate to the projects, objectives or expectations you have in focus?

Ensure transparency 1

Can relevant stakeholders easily gain insight into what you plan to do, how far you have come and what you have done?

Identify and apply relevant recipe

What sort of problem are you trying to solve, and how do experts solve this problem? Locate the relevant recipe, or research and draft one if none exist.