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Ensure a culture of writing things down

"Writing things down is a key part of scaling. You can’t run a startup off of spoken word in one-off meetings like you’re in Goodfellas." - Stay Sassy, Performance management

"When managers foster a writing culture, they create, at minimum, a consistent reality for their teams to live in. That level of transparency and durability is the kind of stuff that companies can be built off of." - Stay Sassy, Good Managers write good

There are a myriad of advantages associated with writing things down, all which have a positive impact on a scaling organization.

Writing things down:

  • Provokes/forces thinking
  • Ensures, improves and exposes holes in one’s understanding
  • Creates tracability
  • Improves alignment
  • Improves accountability
  • Reduces misunderstandings
  • Makes insight more easily sharable
  • Makes insight more easily reusable
  • Makes insight more easily improvable

Y Combinator partners Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel talk about the importance of "writing shit down" between 06:41 and 07:32 in this video: