Team leader

Enable team members to do their best work in accordance with expectations

As a team leader, one of your most important responsibilities is to get your team members to perform at the top of their game.

Being part of a team where the team members are motivated, properly supported and focused makes a world of difference when it comes to both delivering results and enjoying the experience.

From a birds eye view, this responsibility consists of two steps:

  1. Communicate clear and reasonable expectations
  2. Check in with team members regularly (preferably weekly) in order to
    1. Motivate them
    2. Identify blockers
    3. Support them
    4. Hold them accountable to their priorities

A specific way of practicing this responsibility is to set aside time weekly in order to review and reflect on to which extent your team 

  • Is aware of and familiar their expectations
  • Have clear and up-to-date priorities
  • Require assistance meeting expectations
  • Have access to proper support and mentorships

Use the "My team"-tab on the Focus-dashboard, or the separate "My team"-page as the basis for your analysis.

You may also consider using the Check-in (one-on-one) functionality for a structured and predictable approach to checking in with each individual on a regular basis.

For a more holistic approach to this responsibility, check out the skillset Proactive leadership.