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Steer the organization towards a sustainable future.

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Responsibilities contained in this role:

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Ensure that the company has sound equity and liquidity

Ensure that the company has prudent equity and liquidity in relation to the risk and scope of the company's activity. If the board finds that the equity is not prudent, the board is obliged to immediately propose measures and convene a general meeting.

Organizational development

Organizational resilience

Performance management

Monitor and evaluate CEO performance

Ensure that the CEO follows plans and reporting routines. The board can set instructions for the CEO. If the company does not have a CEO, the rest of the board shall supervise the chairman of the board, who in such cases exercises the function of the CEO.

Assess board performance

Boards need to be as objective as they can be about their own performances. Most boards do a self-evaluation every year with the goal of identifying their weaknesses and forming a plan to improve the board’s performance.


Recruit and onboard new board members

The board is responsible for recruiting, nominating and appointing new board members that have the right mix of skills and abilities to help the organizations fulfill and advance its mission.



Organizational development basics

Organizational development Scaling up Organizational health