Product manager

Understand and solve the customers problems. Identify what to build and why.

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Responsibilities contained in this role:

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Backlog management


Feature adoption

Measure and improve feature adoptability

A feature no one uses is not only useless, it also drains resources in its design, implementation and maintenence which could be better spent elsewhere.

You should track to which extent deployed features actually get used. Use this data to take the neccessary steps to improve usage where it makes sense, and retire features which seem like a lost cause in order to reallocate resources to areas of the product which are considered more useful.


Organizational resilience

Strategy and planning

User experience


Enable users to derive as much value from the product as quickly as possible
  • Design for early value realization (gaining value by performing only a few steps/adopting only a small portion of the product)
  • Reduce dependencies, progress blockers and need for buy-in
  • Improve usability
  • Improve training & documentation
  • Automate time-consuming, manual steps
  • Provide templates, blueprints, best practices and sensible defaults for getting started quickly


Product management

Product management

Health checks