Bid manager

Create detailed proposals (bids) to secure contracts. Ensure that bids are successful at a price at which our organisation can make a profit.

Copy to your organization

Write and edit bids

Write effective, persuasive and detailed bids while adhering to budgetary and time constraints.

Work with key members of the project team and the client organisation to obtain the information required to compile the bid.

Ensure bid viability

Ensure access to resources with adequate capacity and competence to deliver on the proposal.

Insight management

Build, maintain and reuse content in bid library

Contribute to building up, improving and maintaining a bid library consisting of resuable components representing replies to common RFP requests.

Research and analysis

Identify and discuss opportunities for bid submissions

Identifying opportunities for bid submissions, raising them with the bid management team and feeding into the decision over whether to bid for the work.

Conduct research

Conducting research and brainstorming key points to include in the bid.

Risk management

Perform risk assessments

Assessing and addressing the technical and commercial risks relating to the bid you are working on.

Strategy and planning

Develop bid-winning strategies

Devising a successful strategy for winning a bid, including pinpointing the unique selling points (key differentiators) of your organisation, knowing your company’s operating and profit margins and understanding the clients’ specific requirements (the client in this case is the organisation that is offering the work).