Organizational identity

Improve the clarity of why an organization should exist, the motivation and pride of contributing to it, and the identification and prioritization of goals.

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I understand what is meant by organizational identity

Organizational identity is defined as a set of statements that organization members perceive to be central, distinctive, and enduring to their organization (Albert & Whetten, 1985). It is influential to behaviors of both leaders and members in many aspects within an organization.

Organizational identity is a field of study in organizational theory, that seeks the answer to the question: "who are we as an organization?"

I am familiar with the components that make up an organizational identity 5


Purpose guides you. It explains reason we exist.

Your purpose statement articulates why you do what you do, why your organization exists beyond making money.


Mission drives you. It explains the path to our purpose.

Your mission statement is how you accomplish your purpose. Your mission is what drives you every day to fulfill your purpose. It's a direct path between your purpose and vision. Mission is doing what matters and eliminating the distractions; it activates the strategy that delivers results and impact.


Vision is where you aspire to be. It explains the goal of our purpose.

Your vision statement is what you will experience and achieve in the future, the results you are reaching for, the measurable impact you want to make. Your vision reminds you what the difference you make will look like and what change will happen. Vision aligns leaders and followers. Vision keeps you on course, to fulfill your purpose.

The Difference Between Purpose, Mission, and Vision