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Founder insight

The insight required by a founder in order to succeed in their venture.

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1 - Self insight

Inner state

Insight into what's going on inside of me.

Inner state

Individual insight

Insight into who I am and what makes me tick.

Individual insight

Self interaction

Insight into how I treat, understand, lead and experience myself.

Self interaction

Growth potential

Insight into where I have the potential to grow, improve and be a better version of myself.

Identity vision

Insight into who I want to become and why.

Life strategy

Insight into how I will approach moving towards my vision.

2 - Entrepreneurial insight

Vision insight

Insight into how I envision a better world.

Impact insight

Insight into how I plan to contribute to that better world.

Problem insight 1

Insight into what the problem is, who is impacted by it, how it is perceived and how it's handled today.

Market insight 1

Insight into what the market looks like, who the buyers are and what they care about.

Solution insight 1

Insight into how my solution creates value, how it's different and how people actually use it.

3 - Leadership insight

Team insight

Insight into what the team should be focused on and what they struggle with.

Team priorities

Organizational insight

Insight into what the organization should optimize for, how it should operate and what is expected of which teams and roles.

Organizational insight types