Intent-based proposition

An intent-based proposition process means proposing something by starting with what people want to achieve and gradually work our way towards a solution. An intent-based approach to proposition improves trust, understanding, alignment, confidence and buy-in. It is relevant in sales, leadership and general relationship communication.

Copy to your organization


What do you want to do, achieve, feel or experience?

Obstacle 1

What’s keeping you from getting there?

Pain, strain & cost

How do those obstacles impact you in terms of emotional pains, mental strains and cost (financial, social progress, time).


What is currently at the top of your list?

Solution space

Which collection of remedies might help you move forward?


Which specific remedy might be the most relevant and useful for your circumstances?


What are the things that you will now will be able to achieve or avoid that you were unable to in the past?


What are the relevant properties and capabilities of this remedy that apply to your situation?


What are your concerns with selecting and investing in this remedy?