Insight manager

Ensure sufficient, relevant, accurate and updated structural capital within the team

In order for the structural capital of the team to be effectively used and maintained, the team members need to feel a sense of ownership to it.

One way to facilitate the generation of this ownership is to ensure that the structural capital is considered relevant, updated and helpful to the team in their day-to-day work.

Practicing this responsibility is a three part process consisting of reviewing, familiarizing and surveying:


Review the structural capital of the team in order to make sure

  • It sufficiently describes how roles are expected to be practiced, which skills role holders need to master and how the team is expected to work in general
  • It's up-to-date with current expectations and best practices
  • It's sufficiently detailed to be considered helpful (and not be misunderstood). Use the Unclear expectations functionality to identify expectations across teams that people have indicated as unclear, and Prioritizing and delegating organizational improvements (flagging) to signify which piece of insight should be improved.


Ensure team members are aware of and familiar with the structural capital relevant to their roles.


Survey team members in order to determine to which extent they consider the structural capital of the team relevant and useful in completing their day-to-day work and developing in their roles.