Startup founder

Bet against the consensus and be right. Identify something that is a good idea, but sounds like a bad idea.

“An entrepreneur is someone who will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.” - Reid Hoffman

Test yourself Copy to your organization

Responsibilities contained in this role:

Business development


Identify and communicate the stage of the organization

The possible stage of the organization:

  • Startup
    • Pre product-market fit
    • Post product-market fit
  • Scaleup
  • Scaler

Varies with stage:

Accumulate and share an understanding of how and for whom the organization produces value

Check out how to use the concept of Profiles and Solutions to communicate how your organization produces value.



Get new stuff done

[...] this is the one thing we have learned best predicts the success of founders in Y Combinator, is that every time we talk to a team, they've gotten new things done. That's the best predictor we have that the company will go on to be succesful."

- Sam Altman



Insight management

Market mapping

Identify a target market

Segments and buyer personas (profiles).

Develop an intimate understanding of and empathy with the primary buyer personas in our target market

Check out how to use the concept of Profiles and Propositions to better understand what your target market cares about.

Build something that the target market really wants/loves

"It's better to make a product 100 people LOVE, than a product 1 million people just like."

  • Paul Graham


Performance and reporting

Robustness and longevity


Strategy and planning

Build an exit-strategy


A strategy for closing down the business if it fails.

A strategy for exiting the business if it succeeds.

Plan for success

Success is the last thing that should catch you off guard. Even though success is by no means a given, assume that you will be successful and plan accordingly.

This does not mean doing things that scale prematurely, but rather mapping out a path to success in order to better understand the road ahead and maintain accountability.

Testing and validation