Employee experience

Ensure that people have a great experience working in our team.

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Individual experience

Role clarity

Research shows that high role clarity is crucial for confidence, task motivation, effort, use of competence and performance. Clear roles reduce stress, frustration and conflict levels among employees.

Employees who do not have a clear idea of their role will not know how to best spend their time and energy. This can result in employees becoming demotivated and less efficient. Others respond by defining their own role, which is not always in the best interests of either colleagues, users or the organization as a whole.

How do people perceive their own role clarity?

Goal clarity

Ensure that people perceive theirr goals to be clear, specific, understood and easy to act upon.

How do people perceive their own goal clarity?


Identify to which extent people feel they are able to work effectively and comfortably on their own.

How do people perceive their own level of autonomy?

Cultural fit

Ensure that people feel welcomed into and a part of the organization and its culture.

How do people perceive their own cultural fit?

Job satisfaction

Ensure that people are satisfied with their work situation.

How do people perceive their own overall satisfaction?

Leadership experience

People who are being led

Determine people's perception of being led.

How do people who are being led perceive

People who are leading

Determine people's perception of leading.

How do people who lead perceive:

Team experience


Determine how quickly and effectively we can welcome new team members.

How do people perceive their team's onboarding?

Psychological safety

Ensure that people don't fear being punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.

How do people perceive their team's psychological safety?

Health and well-functioning

Identify how people perceive their team's ability to survive and thrive in modern society.

How do people perceive their team's overall health?


Team alignment is achieved when cross-functional teams and individual team members work toward the same vision, understand their individual and team goals, and see how their contributions connect to wider organizational purpose.

According to Gallup, when teams are aligned and engaged, organizations benefit from increased productivity, improved communication, higher employee engagement and retention, faster decision making, and increased agility to respond to external forces.

How do people perceive their team's alignment?


Uncover if we are sufficiently focused.

How do people perceive their team's focus?

Insight management

Ensure that insight is effectively retained, shared and improved within the team.

How do people perceive their team's insight management?