Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Identify leads who are a great fit and are ready to talk to an account executive.

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Distribute value droplets

Instead of having the mindset of trying to sell a product, we want to adopt the mindset of just starting to deliver and demonstrate value, and do so as a part of every touchpoint.

Specifically, SDRs should be optimizing for delivering bite-sized, standalone value droplets relevant to potential clients, be it information products or "micro-features/products".


Book qualified meetings

Setting up qualified meetings between an account executive/salesperson and a potential buyer with a high probability of purchasing one of our solutions.

Qualified meetings are meetings with people who match the segments we're focused on, and who appear to have and care about the problem we're solving.

Commitment qualification


Keep track of sales trigger events/signals

A sales trigger event or a buy signal is an occurrence that leads to a sales opportunity. Some of the most common trigger events for business include new funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions, hiring C-level staff, company layoffs, and restructuring personnel.


Nurture clients who aren't ready to establish a dialogue just yet

Maintain a list of nurtured leads and review the list regularly in order to consider which of them it's relevant to send some information they might find useful in order to ensure that you stay top-of-mind and appear interested in helping.


Reach out to potential prospects 2

In the form of your network, cold calls, cold emails, social networks and events (networking and Industry events).

Use your list of leads as the basis for reaching out. Ensure that the list includes a sufficent amount of prospects so that, when you get in the flow, you are not stopped in your tracks by running out of leads.

Creating rejection opportunities

Think of this responsibility as creating opportunities to be rejected, and aim for being rejected daily.

If you're not being rejected daily, you're probably not proactive enough or learning fast enough with regards to what is and isn't working.


Maintain a list of relevant leads in the segments we're focused on

Includes researching, prospecting, and qualifying leads.

Make sure you are intimately familiar with your designated segments in advance.


Networking and partnerships

Outreach Messaging Awareness

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