Scaleup founder

Turn the organization into a resilient and scalable growth machine. Establish a solid foundation of structure, focus, leadership and accountability within the organization.

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Responsibilities contained in this role:



Distill and articulate a strong organizational culture

"There is no such thing as a good or bad culture. A culture is either strong or weak." - Brian Chesky

Cyber security



Insight management

Ensure a culture of writing things down

"Writing things down is a key part of scaling. You can’t run a startup off of spoken word in one-off meetings like you’re in Goodfellas." - Stay Sassy, Performance management

"When managers foster a writing culture, they create, at minimum, a consistent reality for their teams to live in. That level of transparency and durability is the kind of stuff that companies can be built off of." - Stay Sassy, Good Managers write good

There are a myriad of advantages associated with writing things down, all which have a positive impact on a scaling organization.

Writing things down:

  • Provokes/forces thinking
  • Ensures, improves and exposes holes in one’s understanding
  • Creates tracability
  • Improves alignment
  • Improves accountability
  • Reduces misunderstandings
  • Makes insight more easily sharable
  • Makes insight more easily reusable
  • Makes insight more easily improvable

Y Combinator partners Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel talk about the importance of "writing shit down" between 06:41 and 07:32 in this video:



Organizational clarity

Organizational development

Design and develop the organization with intent

During the startup phase of the company, it's common for structure and coordination mechanisms to emerge organically, without a clear vision or plan for how work should be organized.

This approach, allthough agile, does not scale very well when the organization starts to grow.

When entering the scaleup phase, the same intentionality and meticulousness that has  been put into designing and developing the product, needs to be put into designing and developing the organization.

Being knowledgable and intentional about organizational development ensures that the organization grows into a highly functioning and attractive workplace (and avoids the pitfalls of dysfunctionality).


Risk management


Team effectiveness

Skillsets relevant for this role

Scale an organization

Organizational development Scaling up



Organizational development basics

Organizational development Scaling up Team health

Startup structure

Structure Organizational development Startup

Expectation design

Organizational development Team health Management